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tbh, i find the emergence of the concept of demisexuality very interesting, and i’m partial to thinking it’s a symptom of hypersexualized patriarchal culture that demands full sexual availability of women. wanting to develop an emotional bond before having sex is actually a very common and even normative thing, yet nowadays women seem to be under so much pressure to have casual sex that they strongly identify with demisexuality to justify the limits of their sexual comfort zone.

i wonder how the idea that not wanting to have sex with people you don’t know well needs its own label might be connected with the “sex-positive” movement and its ideas of “sexual empowerment”. we’ve conceptualized being sexual (as opposed to “half-sexual”) in very strict terms and reached a point where certain sexual behaviours, such as casual sex, are not just seen as normal and accepted but actually positioned as a required part of “full” sexuality, and by doing that we’ve abnormalized not wanting to have sex with people you don’t know well, which is alarming because there is an immense pressure on women to be sexually available to men.


what if in full metal alchemist instead of putting the little brother in a robot they put him into a plate of noodles and they called him alfredo just to be a dick and everynight he cried into his fettucine whispering “my name is alphonse” 

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This is why I love Alex Hirsch.

exclusive photos from the third Hobbit film



holy shit!




sorry about the spoilers


I’m so excited, this looks amazing

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Countess Josephine Rumblefield

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I don’t know either, but you should come chill with me at Worthinghold Manor.

Captain Winifred Worthingstone sounds like an actual name

Captain Ursula Worthington /smooshes face i want to be that person

Captain Emmeline Worthingfeather sounds like something you’d name a really silly-looking pet bird.

Duchess Violet Worthingfield got ya’ll beat. RANK UP
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this video is so well done it deserves an oscar

omg i shouldnt have laughed that hard. this is horrible and hilarious.

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"Alignment: Straight"

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Anonymous asked:
You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.

"You can’t create a magical cheesecake"

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don’t judge a person by their looks, judge them by their opinion on sansa stark